Program Topics & Presenters

2019 Program Topics

Molecule to Single Particle 

Single Particle to box-model

Regional to Global Scale Modeling of Aerosol

Large-scale regional to global models provide a platform for synthesizing molecular to box model representations of aerosol. In addition, chemical transport models allow process-based representations to be connected with field observations. This session focuses on model developments to improve the representation of aerosols in chemical transport models as well as applications of large scale models to understand the role of aerosol in various endpoints (public health, climate, etc).

Emerging Modelling Techniques

As the landscape of computing technologies evolve, aerosol model developers, and users, can choose to respond accordingly in order to meet challenges of tackling complexity across scales. With the wider scale proliferation of techniques such as machine learning through to new programming paradigms, in this session we invite talks that demonstrate progress and discuss challenges in adoption of emerging technologies.

New frontiers in aerosol sources: Beyond mobile emissions and biogenics

Air Quality Modeling for Health and Regulatory Assessments

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